Our Culture

Sporting clubs provide ample social opportunities for individuals, families and communities, therefore having a strong and positive culture at your club is an important factor to ensure people have a positive and pleasant experience.

At Newcastle Golf Club we believe our culture involves so much more than on-course activities. The culture of the club is reflected in the values, beliefs, behaviours and expectations the club holds.

Newcastle Golf Club can be the envy of others, simply by looking after the wellbeing of everyone involved and creating a positive club culture. Members are encouraged to actively participate in the creation of this positive culture to achieve the following outcomes:

  • The creation of a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.
  • Creating a positive image of the club.
  • The attraction of new members and sponsors.
  • The club becoming a place where people want to spend their time.
  • The club becoming more respected by the community, the Australian golfing industry and other sports clubs.