Our Dress

The Club’s dress regulations apply to all persons (golfers and non-golfers) within the Club boundary and extend to the Course, Clubhouse, car park and practice facilities

“Dress with Respect”

Members are to maintain a standard of dress commensurate with the dignity of the Club and are to ensure that their visitors maintain the same standards. The professional shop staff, management and clubhouse staff may refuse access to the course and/or clubhouse to any person not complying with the minimum standards.  The mere fact that a person’s dress complies with these regulations does not necessarily mean that it is acceptable. Smartness, neatness and cleanliness are the inflexible standard.

On the Course – Male

Clothing must be appropriate for golf and within the clubhouse.  Shirts must have collars and sleeves; polo/mock collars and skivvies are acceptable. Golf shirts must be tucked in at all times on the golf course. Golf shirts with stencilled pictures, sketching or advertising are not permitted. Trousers and shorts must be tailored and be worn with a belt. Elastic or drawstring waist, and denim jeans/shorts are not permitted. Socks may be of any colour.

On the Course – Female

Clothing must be appropriate for golf and within the clubhouse and shirts must be collared and tucked in unless designed to be worn out.  Polo/mock collars and skivvies are acceptable. Denim clothing is not permitted.


All visitors playing golf must report to the starter prior to teeing off. Any visitor not complying with dress regulations may be denied access to the course.

General – In the Clubhouse

Smart casual wear including dress jeans and skirts and untucked dress shirts are permitted. Torn, faded, stone washed or untidy clothing will not be permitted at any time. Socks are optional with boat shoes. Closed in shoes are required in the Clubhouse at all times. No thongs are allowed in the clubhouse. No t-shirts are allowed in the clubhouse. Collared shirts must be worn for males. Ladies are permitted to wear sandals, but not thongs.

Mobile Phones

Phone calls may not be conducted on the course or in the clubhouse.  Phones must be switched off or set to silent mode.  Mobile phone calls may be only taken in the car park or in the change rooms. Texting and mobile phone browsing is permitted in the clubhouse. At all times respect the rights and comfort of fellow members.

Your co-operation and compliance with the above would be appreciated.